Art, Music & Performance Festival

Park Avenue, Worcester, MA

Food Vendor Application Fall 2022

Applications are open April 23 through July 31, 2022.

All applications must be submitted electronically. Notifications of acceptance/denial will be sent by August 10, 2022. Applications are not considered complete until we have received payment, and a submitted online application - all of which must be received by August 8th. 

If accepted, you must be available Sunday, 9/18 as well as the rain date of Sunday, 9/25. Festival hours 11:00am - 6:00pm.​

stART on the Street events are one-day festivals on paved street surfaces in Worcester. Dress in layers and bring paperweights to hold down light objects such as papers - it can get windy!

Food Vendor Sizing and Fees

*Temp food permits must be submitted online directly to the city this year. You will be asked to submit once your application has been approved (if you do not have a yearly permit)

  • 15x15 spot or small Food truck - $300 
  • 15x30 spot or large Food truck - $400
  • Require an even bigger space?  Email - Price based on requirements.

Questions? Email .

Please read the guidelines to the right, then scroll down to complete your application today!

Food Vendor Application Checklist

  1. Submit Application Form before July 31, 2022. 

  2. Submit Payment

    1. Online via Paypal (immediately after submitting application you will be given a ID# with a link to make the Paypal payment), or

    2. Send a check made out to stART on the Street to 3 Lansing Ave, Worcester, MA 01605 and include your application ID#. 

  3. ONCE YOU ARE ACCEPTED - Complete Temporary Food Permit from the City of Worcester if required. Apps must be completed online through the city website. 
  4. Applications will not be considered complete until payment & stART application are all received. 

General Guidelines

  • By applying you are committing to both the September 18th date and the September 25th rain date.
  • Space fees will be returned to applicants who are not accepted. Event organizers reserve the right to reject any applicant at their discretion. No refunds offered for cancellations after Aug 1st, including rain date postponements.  No exceptions.
  • Vendor information will be listed on www.stARTontheStreet.org. Upload your .jpg logo with your menu to be added to the web listing.
  • A package of information concerning the festival will be sent to you in August.
  • You are required to staff your space during the entire festival.
  • stART carefully maps out sound as well as visual elements of the festival. As such, unless pre-approved by stART Coordinators, no live or amplified music will be allowed. 
  • Space & Equipment
    • If using a tent, it must be 10ft x 10ft or smaller, and weighted with 20lbs per leg.  For safety of people and property, stART Coordinators will require any tent not properly weighted to be taken down.
    • Vendor is responsible for any supplies needed - stART does not supply tables, chairs, tents, or electricity. Contact if you will be using propane or a generator.
    • You must provide utensils and napkins for your customers. stART will provide tables, chairs, and trash receptacles for customers in dining areas.
    • Space fees are based on total size required, and an accurate estimate of space is essential to stART mapping. If food is served from a trailer towed by a vehicle, the towing vehicle must either be included in the space/payment of your application, or the towing vehicle must be moved off the festival route for the duration of the festival.
    • Vehicles will not have access to the food court during the festival (11am - 6pm). Arrangements must be made in advance if you require deliveries to your space.
    • Local businesses allow stART use of their parking lots and streets during the festival for a fee, or out of good will. Treating these spaces with respect is non-negotable.
      • Trash must be bagged and disposed of in a location specified the day of the event. All trash MUST be bagged.
      • A $100 refundable trash removal fee will be required at registration for all food vendors in the form of a check. This check will be returned to you at the end of the festival once coordinators have inspected the space and confirmed proper waste disposal. No exceptions.
  • Vending & Menu Guidelines
    • We suggest you provide a few specialty items rather than an extensive menu with numerous items for sale. If your application lists a food item that is already being provided by another vendor, you may be asked to substitute another item to ensure variety.
    • Preference will be given to local food vendors, though acceptance is generally on a first-come-first-served basis. 
    • Preference will be given to vendors in the order they are received. In other words: SEND IN YOUR APPLICATION ASAP!!!
    • Vendors must display clear and concise menus with prices and a sign with your business name
  • Food Safety & Permits
    • Vendors are required to hold and serve food at appropriate safe temperatures. An inspector from the City of Worcester will be on hand inspecting all vendors during the event.
    • stART on the Street Food Coordinator will obtain the necessary permits on your behalf. You are responsible for providing the correct, completed paperwork & the fee.
    • Participating vendors must currently be licensed to prepare and serve food in the City of Worcester. Applications will not be accepted without the completed temporary permit from the City of Worcester or a copy of your existing permit issued by the City.