Food Truck Application

Fall Edition 2024

Applications are available now until May 31, 2024

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  • Application
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This application is for Food Trucks/Trailers and Food Carts ONLY.

**If you are interested in becoming a food vendor and don’t have a food truck, trailer, or cart, please fill out the Food Court Vendor Application for a space in our Food Court or along the festival route.

All applications must be submitted electronically.

Event: stART on the Street

Date: Sunday, September 15, 2024 (rain date September 22)

Time: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Location: Park Ave between Pleasant Street and Highland, Worcester, MA

*Please note that applications will close on May 31, 2024. Thank you!
Notifications of acceptance/denial will be sent by June 15, 2024.

Food Truck Sizing and Fees

Temp food permits must be submitted online directly to the city. You will be asked to submit once your application has been approved (if you do not have a yearly permit)

**It is your responsibility to complete a Temporary Food Permit (if you do not have a yearly one) from the City of Worcester. City of Worcester Food Permit Link

  • Food Truck 25’ or under - $400
    • Due to space constraints, we are unable to accommodate Food Trucks over 25’ or Food Trailers (25’ or under) that cannot be detached for the festival. A food trailer is connected to a vehicle, such as a truck or RV, and is towed by the vehicle.
  • Food Cart - $200 (Under 8’)
    • Are generally located on the sidewalk and preassigned
    • Carts need to be pushed by hand, attached to a bicycle, or towed from the main kitchen to the assigned location
    • The vehicle CANNOT stay with the Cart. No Exceptions.

Questions? Email FoodTrucks [at]

By applying, you are committing to both the September 15th date and the September 22nd rain date.

General Guidelines

  1. Payments

    1. If accepted, payments must be received/postmarked by June 30th to claim your space.
      1. Payments not received by June 30th forfeit the vendor’s space.
    2. Forms of payment accepted: PayPal or check
      1. Forms of payment accepted: PayPal or check
        1. Checks made out to Creative Hub Worcester
        2. In the MEMO put: stART and your application number/food truck name
  2. Food Truck Space

    1. Food Truck spaces are no more than 25’ in length.
    2. Food Trailers that cannot be detached from vehicles are not permitted.
    3. Vehicles will not have access to the food court/festival route during the festival (11am - 6pm). Arrangements must be made in advance if you require deliveries to your space.
    4. Vendor is responsible for any supplies needed - stART does not supply tables, chairs, tents, or electricity.
    5. stART will provide tables, chairs, and trash receptacles for customers in dedicated Food Truck/Court Areas.
  3. Food Cart Space

    1. Are generally on the sidewalk and preassigned by the Food Truck and Logistic Coordinator
    2. Carts need to be pushed by hand, attached to a bicycle, or towed from the main kitchen to the assigned location
    3. The vehicle CANNOT stay with the Cart. No Exceptions.
  4. Vending & Menu Guidelines

    1. We suggest you provide a few specialty items rather than an extensive menu with numerous items for sale.
    2. If your application lists a food item that another vendor is already providing, you may be asked to substitute another item to ensure variety.
    3. Preference will be given to local food vendors, though acceptance is generally on a first-come-first-served basis.
    4. Vendors must display clear and concise menus with prices and a sign with your business name
  5. Vendors Responsibilities

    1. You are required to staff your space during the entire festival.
    2. You must provide utensils and napkins for your customers.
    3. stART carefully maps out sound as well as visual elements of the festival. No live or amplified music will be allowed in vendor spaces.
  6. Food Safety & Permits

    1. Vendors are required to hold and serve food at appropriate safe temperatures
    2. All food trucks shall bear a current inspection sticker issued by the City of Worcester.
    3. If a food truck is not permitted with the City of Worcester, they must obtain a Temporary Mobile Food Permit through the Inspectional Services Department.
    4. An inspector from the City of Worcester will be on hand inspecting all vendors during the event
  7. Trash Removal

    1. Trash must be bagged and disposed of in a location specified on the day of the event. All trash MUST be bagged.
    2. If stART on the Street needs to perform cleaning duties due to your activities, a $300 clean-up fee will be invoiced to you. This fee encompasses labor costs and the removal of food waste, including, but not limited to, discarded items such as trash, trash bags, or leftover food.
  8. Generator Safety

    1. A permit from the Fire Department is not required for the use of a portable generator
    2. All generators shall be located away from the public and public pathways
    3. All generators shall have a barrier installed around them to prevent persons from tampering with electrical cords and to prevent persons from coming in contact with hot equipment.
  9. Propane Storage

    1. To use gas grills and/or propane tanks greater than 42 lbs., you must obtain a Propane Storage Permit.
    2. The use of a charcoal grill does NOT require an additional permit from the Fire Department
    3. Vendors shall not be allowed to store and/or use more than 200 lbs. of propane in a single location unless approved by the Fire Department.
  10. Acceptance/Denial Notification

    1. Acceptance/Denial Notification will be sent to the email you enter on this application.
    2. Notifications will come from foodtrucks [at]
    3. If you haven’t heard by the acceptance/denial deadline, check your junk/spam mail folders of the email you applied with.
    4. Vendors will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis but stART Food Truck Coordinator has the final say on space assignments to ensure a variety of fares.
    5. Event organizers reserve the right to reject any application at their discretion.
  11. Liability

    1. stART on the Street highly recommends that ALL vendors have insurance coverage.
    2. stART on the Street, a program of Creative Hub Worcester, will not be held responsible for any theft or damage to artists’ work or other personal property.
    3. It is the responsibility of booth artisans, if they choose, to ensure adequate coverage through their respective insurance providers.
    4. Neither stART on the Street, a program of Creative Hub Worcester, nor its affiliates, including employees, members, volunteers, directors, coordinators, or insurance providers, assume financial responsibility for any losses or damages incurred.
  12. Security

    1. stART on the Street prioritizes the highest security measures throughout the festival. However, given the expansive scale and unrestricted public access, we ask that all booth artists remain vigilant regarding the safety of their products and personal belongings.
  13. Our Pledge

    1. We see you. We hear you. We appreciate you and will continue to offer Start on the Street for free, just as we have for the past 20 years. If you are interested in sponsoring, please reach out to Laura [at]
    2. A key element of our mission is to elevate the voices and experiences of historically marginalized groups to highlight the current and historical diversity of our city and region. We welcome and celebrate artists and community members who identify as Black, Indigenous, POC, LGBTQIA+, refugee, immigrant, or persons living with a disability.

Questions email: foodtrucks [at]