2023 Artists & Crafters

Artists and crafts vendors will be selling their handmade items, ranging from clothing, woodwork, glass, jewelry and paintings to iron work, prose, photography, pottery and so, so much more! The one theme to the goods you'll see at stART is that the people who make the items you see for sale are the people staffing the booths. We believe in supporting small business and the local economy, and as a rule do not allow mass-produced goods to be sold. When you're bringing something into your home for years, we think there's just something special about being able to talk to the creator about their process, the materials they chose, or the meaning of their work.

Many vendors accept credit cards or electronic payment, but some are cash only. There are multiple ATMs along the festival route. In the event you need a bag, you can pick up a reusable stART on the Street shopping tote for $5 at any information booth.

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