stART on the Street moves to September 25th

Threat of rain convinces art & music festival to reschedule

WORCESTER, MA September 16, 2016 – For the second time in 14 years and more than 30 events, rainy forecasts have convinced stART coordinators to postpone stART on the Street’s Park Avenue festival to Sunday, September 25th. “We usually get lucky,” said stART Director Tina Zlody, “but ultimately we need to use the tools at our disposal to make sure the public, the performers, and the artists have a safe and fun day.” This is the first time Worcester’s largest arts and music festival has used a rain date for its September festival.

To ensure the outdoor festival is packed with food, art and music on whichever date weather cooperates, stART participants are advised to be available for both the original 9/18 date, as well as the 9/25 rain date before applying. With that in mind, the festival itself will be much as designed, just a week later.

Each year, coordinators watch the weather closely in the ten days before the festival. As the saying goes, “if you don’t like the weather in New England, wait a minute;” this year the weather continued to look increasingly grim for Sunday as time went on. As of Friday morning, multiple weather services are estimating rain and thunderstorms, the odds increasing as the day goes on.

stART attendee and football enthusiast Scott Erskine also noted that the date change means stART won’t be competing with the Patriots game scheduled for 1pm on the 18th. “Sometimes [stART] conflicts with Patriots games, this year we won’t have to choose,” said Erskine.

The last time stART coordinators decided to use the rain date was in June of 2012.

About stART on the Street:

stART on the Street is a non-profit organization committed to expanding the scope of creative culture in Worcester and Central Massachusetts by creating events that celebrate and support the visual and performing arts. stART encourages everyone to support the local economy and buy handmade.


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stART on the Street
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