stART on the Street | Sunday, September 16th, 2018 | 11am - 6pm | Park Ave, Worcester.

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  • Thank you for your interest but we are no longer taking applications
  • Submissions for this form are closed.

Concourse Artist Application - stART at the Station 2017

Artist Application Checklist

  1. Submit Application Form before October 6th. Your application will not be considered for jurying until your application fee is received.
  2. Use the Paypal link on the next page or Send check or money order made out to ìstART on the Streetî to stART on the Street 2017, PO Box 20161, Worcester, MA 01602 and include your application ID#. You are only paying the $10 application fee .  Any payment beyond the $10 application fee will be returned.
  3. Checks must be received or postmarked by October 6th.  Applications and payments received after October 6th will not be accepted. 
  4. If you are sharing a space both artists must submit an application and application fee. Sharing a space does not mean both artists are guaranteed to be selected.

General Guidelines

  • You will not be juried for the show unless your application fee is received.
  • SATS is a juried event with approximately 30 Concourse artist spaces - a predetermined number of spaces are allotted for each medium represented.
  • All spaces are 7' X 5'. You MUST fit all your displays and items within the space provided
  • Electricity is not provided
  • Absolutely no tents or tent frames may be used in Union Station, if you wish to have any sort of stationary display you must apply for the Grand Hall.
  • 2 artists may apply to share one space; each must submit a separate application and $10 application fee. Only one check for the space fee is required. If one of the artists sharing a space is not accepted the remaining artist may occupy the space alone.
  • Notification of acceptance as a vendor at SATS 2017 will be sent via email on or by Oct 13th. Upon acceptance your space fee will be due with a date given upon acceptance.
  • The organizers reserve the right to decline any application. Due to the sheer volume of applicants, organizers will not provide explanations as to why artists were not accepted.
  • No imported items/no straight vintage or antiques! No Co-op spaces with more than two artists represented will be allowed. No mass produced items will be accepted.

  • In the case of severe weather, the organizers will cancel the event. Artists may apply 100% of their space fees to future stART on the Street events or receive a 50% refund of the space fee.

  • Refunds for cancelations will not be issued for this event. No exceptions. No refunds given for application fee

Questions? Email

DEADLINE to apply is October 6th.  Application and application fee must be postmarked by October 6th in order to be entered into jurying. Please remember this is a juried show with a gift giving theme.

Sunday, December 3th 9:00am-5pm {stART shopping before the crowds 9-11am with paid admission, admission free starting at 11am}

The Concourse is the circular room, off the Grand Hall, and along the walkways towards the garage at Union Station. It will consist of 30 artist & crafters. Concourse spaces are 7 x 5 and cost(s) are as follows:

Application Fee - $10, must be received by October 6th to be entered for jurying. Application fees not postmarked on or before October 6th will returned and you will not be eligible for this event.

Space fee - $90, must be received upon the deadline given once notified of acceptance into the festival. {Date of acceptance/decline for festival is Oct 13, 2017}

A 6ft table and 2 chairs will be provided for each Concourse space.

Jurying Criteria

Applicants will be juried based on the following:

  • Jurying will be done only using the 3 images uploaded with your application. Do not upload full tables or setup photos, they will not be considered part of your application.  Your website will not be used for consideration.
  • All items must be handmade by the artist and not mass-produced. The event will be marketed as a ìunique gift showî which means we want to see what makes your work unique.
  • The artists selected for the categories of beaded jewelry and textiles will be limited to very unique items. Keep in mind if you apply for this event, we are limited by the size of the venue. Upwards of 150 artists will apply for 30 available spaces.
  • Past participation in stART events does not guarantee participation in the 2017 show.

Questions? Email Samantha at