Sunday, September 20, 2020

11am - 6pm • Rain Date: 9/27 • Park Avenue, Worcester, MA

B.A.R. Soaps

B.A.R. Soaps are made the old fashioned way so that your skin is not stripped of it's natural oils, they are fortified with goodness which is that of vitamins, fatty oils that seal in moisture and natural cleansing essential oils that provide astringency, healing, soothing, toning and skin conditioning properties. These handcrafted, aromatherapy cold-pressed soaps are the most natural, healthy and best product for your skin. All are free of synthetic chemicals and preservatives. Only plant based oils, herbs,spices and natural exfoliants are used which are created in small batches to ensure high quality. Many fragrances are available and special orders can be customized to your preference. Soap is a wonderful, practical and unique gift for family, teachers, weddings, showers, birthdays, holidays or just to say "Thinking of you". Using a personalized crafted bar of soap is both a pleasurable and beneficial experience for your body!