Sunday, September 20, 2020

11am - 6pm • Rain Date: 9/27 • Park Avenue, Worcester, MA


My artistic life started in Burlington, Vermont with paint-by-numbers. It eventually found its way to Pratt Institute in Brookly, New York where I majored in Fashion Design. I had no knowledge of any art processes and my teachers would have agreed that art would never be my "thing." But! I was so bad - I could only get better. I just kept taking art classes hoping that I would finally "get it." In 1985 I designed a Beginning Art Class for people like me - no talent, no ability but a strong desire to try. I teach that class twice a year at Assabet Valley's "After Dark" program. The graduates of that class come to my studio for further instruction to learn how to paint. After studying with Helen Van Wyk, I am now able to share the wonders of paint and color with my students. Earlier this year, I decided to design and build my own website. I am severely technically challenged (but I was artistically challenged as well - and that didn't stop me from drawing and painting)but with a few good "Dummies" books, I managed to put the site together showing my paintings and notecards for sale that I make from my paintings. It's my baby: www.artkatcards-paintings.com. You can visit my blog at: http://artkatcards-paintings.blogspot.com/ where I share lots of bits about basic art - all that stuff it took me 38 years to learn. - Kathy