Art, Music & Performance Festival

Park Avenue, Worcester, MA

stART at the Street returns to Worcester's Union Station from 9am-5pm Sunday, December 4, 2022! Artist applications are open until October 16th, 2022.


Lovely batiks and haberdashery found here. Nothing is so delicious as waking up and knowing that you are going to a job that you love. My goal is to have a job that I love. And I love to make beautiful things. That's what I want my job to be. Everything you see in my shop represents a moment when I said to myself, "Hey - I want to learn how to do that!" This year I wanted to learn how to batik. The shirts and baby clothes up in the shop are the better stuff made in the process of learning how. You can follow along on my blog - I do frequent posts about how the batiking and knitting are going, what I'm learning, and what is working and not working (as well as tidbits about family, food and playing World of Warcraft, and the occasional story) here: http://appletellsall.wordpress.com/